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Kia AutoLand Gwangmyeong: Soon to be the first dedicated EV factory in Korea

Electrification, sustainability, and a greener future go hand in hand with consistent change, innovation, and creativity. The message from Kia as it kicks off 2024 is clear: The company is committed to fostering a corporate culture that encourages innovation and challenge, sustainable growth for the future, social responsibility for the environment, and strengthening carbon-neutral activities.

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BYD Officially Global #1 in New Energy Vehicles Sales

BYD is once again the global New Energy Vehicle sales champion, exceeding its target of 3 million vehicles sold in 2023. This is the second year in a row that BYD has led worldwide electric vehicle sales. 2023 also saw BYD register in the Top 10 of all automotive sales for the year while continuing

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