Petron Fuels the 2017 Formula 4 South East Asia Championship

Petron is once again the official fuel and engine oil partner of the 2017 Formula 4 South East Asia Championship. This year, the F4 SEA Championship series features the latest Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6, a 100-octane pure gasoline formulation; and the Blaze Racing Engine Oil which contains the Thermal Stress Stabilizing System that reduces engine stress even at high temperatures demanded by competition racing.

Aside from being the largest oil refining and marketing company in the country, Petron is also a competitive brand in Malaysia, where this year’s F4 SEA season kicked off. Recently, the Philippines hosted the second leg of the F4 SEA Championship at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. F4 SEA Chairman and CEO, Peter Thompson, said that their goal is to develop the potential of up-and-coming racers in the region.

Petron fuels dreams of aspiring racers with the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship

He also added that having the Formula 4 on the South East Asian stage helps promote greater awareness for road safety among racers and enthusiasts.

The next series of races of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship will be staged in Indonesia then Thailand, with the season concluding in Malaysia.