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Isuzu Tagum celebrates Year 2 with mini truck fest

Isuzu Tagum, Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s (IPC) dealership in northern part of Davao Region, recently celebrated its second anniversary with a mini truck fest in its dealer showroom. Isuzu Tagum dealership, under the management of Image Motors Davao del Norte Inc., is one of the first dealerships to bear the Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS) design.

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Go the Extra Mile with the All-New Honda CB150X

Dads can be picky at times, especially with gifts that he feels will steal the show. They usually don’t ask for much, but can be quite discerning about what they receive. So whether you’re looking for something for the man in your life or someone who’s currently on the lookout for a ride to match

The Volkswagen Santana: German qualities with Pinoy sensibilities

When William Russell Scheirman Jr. was considering the car brand he would buy for his employees at Scheirman Construction Consolidated Incorporated (SCCI), it didn’t take long for him to decide on the marque that was nearest and dearest to his heart. Scheirman drew from his fond experiences of owning and driving a Volkswagen Golf in

5 Things You Must Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Have you been in a car accident before? I have, and personally, it’s one of the most jarring circumstances you can find yourself in--especially if you have passengers on-board. Honestly, it’s not one of my best days. I lost my cool instead of defusing the situation and working a way towards a solution. My inexperience

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Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian was ever adamant with his campaign on electric vehicles in the country. And together with other strong advocates of the cleaner alternative mode of transportation, their crusade was palpable at the recent 7th iteration of the Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS) held at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia,

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