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Cafes, restaurants, resorts or any destination that might tickle the spirited traveler’s fancy, if not, even take his breath away.

Go the Extra Mile with the All-New Honda CB150X

Dads can be picky at times, especially with gifts that he feels will steal the show. They usually don’t ask for much, but can be quite discerning about what they receive. So whether you’re looking for something for the man in your life or someone who’s currently on the lookout for a ride to match

The Volkswagen Santana: German qualities with Pinoy sensibilities

When William Russell Scheirman Jr. was considering the car brand he would buy for his employees at Scheirman Construction Consolidated Incorporated (SCCI), it didn’t take long for him to decide on the marque that was nearest and dearest to his heart. Scheirman drew from his fond experiences of owning and driving a Volkswagen Golf in

Bosch shares how you can detect car trouble using your four senses

Using one’s sense of sight, smell, sound, and feel helps in early detection of car troubles Being able to detect basic vehicle issues with one’s senses benefit vehicle owners and mechanics as it helps for vehicles to perform at its optimum level, safety of all on board are uncompromised besides avoiding greater damage and cost

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Toyota Supra continues to surpass expectations

The Toyota Supra continues to exude power, performance, and innovation after 5 generations across almost five decades. Its name originated from the Latin prefix that means “to surpass” or “go beyond”, a title undeniably fit for its high-performance. The iconic sportscar was first introduced as the Celica-Supra being a larger and more powerful version of

Truth or Myth: How Many of these Hybrid Myths Can You Bust?

Chances are you’ve seen them in your favorite movies and TV series. No, we’re not talking about A-List celebrities (though many stars drive themselves around in one). We’re talking about hybrid cars, especially the uber popular Toyota Prius! Globally, Toyota’s hybrid cars have established themselves as reliable choices for amazing fuel economy. It’s no wonder

Check out Jaguar and Land Rover’s Chinese New Year deals

All British Cars (ABC), the sole authorized dealer of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, parts, and accessories in the Philippines, offers great savings for its Chinese New Year offer from January 25 to February 28,2021. FORTUNE AWAITS THE ADVENTUROUS OF HEART Let the good fortune of driving our wide range of Land Rover vehicles take you

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Take a road trip with MG Philippines and OPM band Ben&Ben

Any 20-something Filipino, including teenagers and perhaps their parents would know the contemporary folk OPM band Ben&Ben. And many probably have their songs on their road trip playlist too. So MG Philippines recently joined the band on an extraordinary road trip, on-board a fleet of modern, stylish, British heritage MG vehicles, in part to promote the band’s latest single “Di Ka Sayang.”

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Lamborghini Urus comes in new design edition, now available for customization

Created by the brand’s Centro Stile design department, the Lamborghini Urus now has the first exclusive customization option to showcase the style and exhilarating performance of the supersport SUV. The Urus Pearl Capsule is available on the model year 2021 Urus, alongside an extended range of colors and features following the first full year of

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Suzuki Philippines salutes the country’s frontliners with ‘Big Hero’ promo

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) is offering "Big Deals for the Big Heroes of the Country" as a way of extending their gratitude to our frontliners who stood bravely against these challenging times in service of the Filipino people. The Big Hero Promo entitles verified frontline workers to a Php15,000.00 discount on their choice of Suzuki Philippines

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Owning a Picanto, Soluto, K2500 and other Kia models just got easier

In line with the country’s gradual move to the new normal, Kia Philippines, the Ayala-owned Philippine distributor of Kia vehicles, extends its Deals Designed for You promo, which will run throughout the month of June. The promo offers exciting deals for select Kia vehicles like the Picanto, Soluto, Rio, Forte, Sportage, Sorento, Grand Carnival, and