SINGAPORE 9 AUGUST 2021 – The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 closed on a high note last night for the more than 120 Global Team Toyota Athletes (GTTA) who pushed themselves Higher, Faster, Stronger to “Achieve their Impossible”.

These athletes began their journey with a battle cry to “Start Your Impossible” (SYI), Toyota’s first ever global corporate initiative. To every GTTA who won medals and broke records, we offer you our heartiest congratulations; to every other GTTA – each of you too have “achieved your impossible” by overcoming odds, challenges and even adversities to compete at the Olympic Games.

Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (TMAP) is especially proud of all three Team Toyota athletes from Asia who competed at the Olympic Games Tokyo for their National Olympic Teams – from Indonesia, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Badminton; Singapore, Joseph Schooling, Swimming; and Thailand, Panipak Wongpattanakit, Taekwondo, who won Thailand’s first gold at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Even though each Toyota Team athlete competed in stadiums and halls devoid of spectators as a result of Covid restrictions, they were assured that their races, performances, games and events were keenly watched and followed by millions online.

Before the Games, Toyota Motor Corporation President, Akio Toyoda cheered on and welcomed GTTAs: “Each of you took a different road to get here, and you represent different countries and regions. You are all here at Tokyo 2020 as a Toyota athlete, and I’m very proud of all of you. This is where you fight for your place in history, and your place is at the top of the podium! Please know that I am here for you, and that Toyota will do everything possible to support you. Because we are a family, and family takes care of family.”

From among the almost 60 GTTAs who will be headed for the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (24 August to 5 September 2021), will be eight from Team Toyota in Asia:

  • India: Amit Kumar Saroha, Discus Thrower – Para Athletics
  • Indonesia: Ni Nengah Widasih, Para Powerlifting
  • Malaysia: Abdul Latif Romly, Long Jump – Para Athletics
  • Philippines: Ernie Gawilan, Para Swimming
  • Singapore: Toh Wei Soong, Para Swimming
  • Singapore (Toyota Motor Asia Pacific): Sophie Soon, Para Swimming
  • Thailand: Anchaya Ketkaew, Para Swimming
  • Vietnam: Nguyen Thanh Trung, Para Swimming

COO of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, Hao Tien said: “On behalf of Toyota, we congratulate every Team Toyota athlete who competed for their National Olympic Teams in Tokyo. We are so proud of their journey, and we know, that each  is poised for even greater achievements to come. Every Team Toyota athlete has inspired us with their unwavering commitment to their sport, and we do hope that they will continue to “Achieve Your Impossible” through their hero projects like promoting greater road safety, and helping orphans.”

“To our Team Toyota athletes headed to the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Amit, Ni Nengah, Latif, Ernie, Wei Soong, Sophie, Anchaya and Trung – know that you are part of the Toyota family. We will be rooting and cheering for you, as you give of your best in your sport. You are already each a champion in overcoming adversity to excel in what you do and love!”

The spirit of “Start Your Impossible” is in line with Toyota’s core belief that it is when you are free to move, then anything is possible. It is when communities are inspired to come together to overcome social, economic and physical hurdles, that there can be transformation.

This philosophy lies at the core of Toyota’s corporate mission to ensure “Mobility for All” and to support the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable and mobile society in which everyone can challenge their impossible and make their dreams come true.

TMAP is proud to have partnered with these athletes who are also Dual Heroes, as they have embarked on their own Hero Projects with local partners and organisations in their own communities. These partnerships have enabled each athlete to pursue different initiatives for social transformation. These initiatives include literary to road safety programmes, providing training facilities for sports, supporting children and youth, empowering women, arts and culture, and advocating a more sustainable environment.

Every Team Toyota athlete from Asia is an inspiring role model. They have not only dedicated themselves to achieving excellence in their sports, through grit and sacrifice, but have also set stellar examples in advocating for change and transformation in their communities. Many have overcome their own ‘impossible’ challenges – whether socio-economic or physical – in their journey to pursue excellence. Now they are drawing from their experiences and personal stories to inspire others to go higher, faster and further from where they are in life.

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