Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) will formally stage its first launch via a digital platform with the new Geely Azkarra and bring “Your Refined Ride” on May 30. The online event will be streamed via Geely Philippines’ Facebook page, Youtube channel, and website. SGAP is set to take viewers into a virtual tour of the Azkarra’s design and engineering, as well as its elegant exterior and premium interior.

Geely received overwhelming support from Filipino buyers since entering the local automotive market in 2019, as they ranked 3rd and 4th among the B-segment SUVs as of March this year. The company also sold 524 units from September 2019 to April 2020 and 295 units from January 2020 to April 2020. Based on reports by CAMPI and AVID, Geely also ranked between 3rd and 4th among the B-segment SUVs as of March this year. After a successful year, SGAP takes a bold step forward in the EV scene with the introduction of a mild hybrid, 48V Electric Motor Synergy (EMS) model.

As the Philippines continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, forcing people to stay home, Geely is slowly making its presence via various online channels. The company is also finding alternative ways in producing healthier cars as their cars are currently equipped with CN95 cabin filters that have a high filtration efficiency for airborne microbial, inert particles, and droplets that are often attached to COVID-19 virus.

Adjusting to the new normal as areas in the country gets different quarantine protocol, SGAP remains steadfast with its commitment in offering their latest products that are globally competitive with other car brands. The all-new Azkarra Digital Launch will be available to the public on May 30, Saturday at 6 PM.