Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda’s automobile business unit in the Philippines announces its new promotion under “Keep on Driving” campaign. The promo features different exclusive deals and exciting offers from August 1 to 31, 2021.

Cash Discounts

Customers who would like to avail the All-New City (sedan), BR-V, Brio, Civic, Jazz, HR-V, Odyssey, and New Civic Type R may enjoy the following cash discounts:

Model with VariantSuggested Retail PriceCash Discount
21YM All-New City 1.5 S CVTPHP 888,000PHP 37,000
21YM BR-V 1.5 S CVTPHP 1,038,000PHP 60,000
20YM Brio 1.2 V CVTPHP 661,000PHP 30,000
20YM Civic 1.8 E CVTPHP 1,188,000PHP 40,000
21YM Jazz 1.5 RS Navi CVTPHP 1,090,000PHP 20,000
21YM HR-V 1.8 RS Navi CVTPHP 1,515,000PHP 20,000
20YM Odyssey 2.4 EX-V Navi CVTPHP 2,698,000PHP 100,000
21YM New Civic Type R 2.0 VTEC Turbo Honda SensingPHP 3,210,000PHP 100,000

 All-in Downpayment

For the All-New City (sedan), BR-V, Brio, Civic, New CR-V, All-New City Hatchback, Jazz, and HR-V, customers may avail the following special all-in, and regular all-in low downpayment offers:

Model with VariantSuggested Retail Price*Special and Regular All-in

Low Downpayment for as low as

21YM All-New City 1.5 S CVTPHP 888,000*PHP 10,000
21YM BR-V 1.5 S CVTPHP 1,038,000*PHP 10,000
21YM Brio 1.2 V CVTPHP 661,000*PHP 18,000
20YM Civic 1.8 E CVTPHP 1,188,000PHP 50,000
22YM New CR-V SX Diesel 9AT AWD Honda Sensing (7-Seater)PHP 2,158,000PHP 138,000
22YM All-New City Hatchback 1.5 RS CVTPHP 1,115,000PHP 74,000
21YM Jazz 1.5 RS Navi CVTPHP 1,090,000PHP 54,000
21YM HR-V 1.8 RS Navi CVTPHP 1,515,000PHP 83,000

Brio Special Installment Plan and Credit Card Payment Option

Until August 31, 2021, flexible payment options are available for customers who will be purchasing a Honda Brio. For those who will use a BPI Credit Card or RCBC Bankard, they may pay up to 30% for the downpayment, and are also entitled to a 0% installment plan for three (3) months. Additionally, RCBC Bankard holders, who will finance their downpayment through 0% installment plan, are entitled to two (2) free Honda Access – Modulo facemask worth PHP 520. For other bank credit cards, a straight credit card payment transaction is available select Honda dealerships nationwide.

Honda Upgrade Program

Under the upgrade program, all current Honda vehicle owners who would be purchasing any variant of the All-New City (sedan), BR-V, Brio, Civic, CR-V, and HR-V will receive an additional PHP 5,000 cash discount on top of other cash promotions offered for the month. Customers must present two (2) valid government-issued IDs, latest vehicle official receipt, and certificate of registration together with a notarized deed of sale (for second-hand units) to avail this exclusive offer.

Free Petron Fuel Card

All customers who will be purchasing a Honda vehicle this month are entitled to an exclusive Petron – Honda Value Card that earns an additional 100-peso point bonus for every 140 liters (gasoline) or 200 liters (diesel) accumulated purchased per month. Other benefits of the Petron Value Card include Free Towing and Roadside Assistance, and Year-Round Personal Accident Insurance.

Financing Options

A special all-in financing program is applicable for 10% downpayment with 36-60 months payment terms for select models are available with the following details:

Bank PartnerSpecial All-in ProgramAll-in PackageDP PercentagePayment Term
BPI Family Savings BankSpecial All-in DP– FREE Chattel Mortgage
– FREE LTO Registration
10%36-60 months
China Bank Savings
Bank of Commerce
RCBC– FREE Chattel Mortgage
– FREE LTO Registration
– FREE Insurance

Moreover, customers are entitled to different financing promo option offers such as low cash-out, low monthly amortization, free one (1) month amortization at 15% and 20% all-in downpayment offers, available with the following bank partners:

Bank PartnerAll-in ProgramAll-in PackageDP PercentagePayment Term
RCBC– Low Cash-Out
– Low Monthly Amortization
– Free One Month Amortization
– FREE Chattel Mortgage
– FREE LTO Registration
– FREE Insurance*
15% and 20%36-60 months

*For Maybank, Free Insurance available at 60 months payment term only

China Bank Savings
Security Bank– FREE Chattel Mortgage
– FREE LTO Registration
BPI Family Savings Bank15% and 20%
Bank of Commerce
Robinsons Bank

Customers may also submit their bank loan applications online through the Auto Loan link page in the HCPI website for select bank partners, subject to the preferred bank’s approval.

All these offers include a three (3) year LTO Registration and Chattel Mortgage and a free one (1) year Comprehensive Insurance with Acts of Nature through select bank partners.

“This August, we are releasing a new promo campaign to provide more exclusive deals and flexible financing options. We will continuously contribute to providing convenience and mobility to the Filipino people.” said Masahiko Nakamura, president of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI).

To know more about the mechanics, terms and conditions of each promo, and the latest HCPI news and promos, visit the nearest Honda Cars dealership, or access Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.’s VIRTUAL SHOWROOM through HCPI’s official website at