Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of brand-new trucks for 20 consecutive years, turned over the initial 74 units of firetrucks to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in a formal ceremony held on February 11 at the grounds of Camp Emilio Aguinaldo.BFP Chief Jose Embang Jr. and its officers led the presentation of the brand-new fire trucks to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as part of the government’s Fire Prevention Modernization Program.



In his speech, Duterte said, “I hope that with these fire trucks, the BFP will be more capable and effective in ensuring the safety of our community and industry.  I am confident that with the BFP’s leadership, we can further boost people’s confidence in their government and create an environment where our people can live and work in peace.”

According to IPC’s President Hajime Koso and Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan (IML) General Manager Koichi Ito, who attended the event to personally deliver the units, IPC and the Isuzu brand has always been on a mission to contribute to society by providing the most durable, reliable trucks for building bridges, airports, and in protecting the community against fire.


“Isuzu has always been supportive of providing the best vehicles to the society. In Japan in particular, you will see a lot of private and government trucks produced by Isuzu, like these fire trucks and just recently high-performance ambulances for the recent virus prevention, which is why we are very happy that the Philippines is doing the same,” said Ito, who flew in from Japan to witness the proceedings.

The first batch of Isuzu fire trucks are only a part of the 250 units of brand-new trucks that the BFP obtained, which will also be distributed to different regions nationwide. In addition, this will fully support the government’s Fire Protection Modernization Program aiming to hire more firefighters, provide intensive trainings, and acquire modern fire trucks and equipment in maintaining their operations.