Kia Philippines opened a new fully functional dealership in Cainta, Rizal. Kia now has a total of 41 dealerships in the country with the opening of the Cainta branch and plans to open 5 more this year to expand its reach in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Kia PH’s new dealership is located in the heart of Rizal at Ortigas Avenue Extension, which is dedicated to creating the most gratifying experience for purchasing your dream car, with a showroom curated by Argani Motors Inc, headed by Alice and Louie Lee.

As the Philippines’ richest municipality, you can’t expect anything but the best, whether you’re looking to purchase the stylish and iconic Stonic crossover, other models, or avail of aftersales services. Their well-trained staff strives for outstanding customer experience the moment you step inside. Always ready to serve and give their best no matter the times. Kia PH assures its customers that they take every safety precaution, providing them with the care they deserve to pair with the highest standards of service. Vehicles in dealerships are fully cleaned, areas are sanitized at least every two hours, and all staff practice proper hygiene. To further add to this, Kia now has an online remote diagnostics system that allows Kia owners to have their cars diagnosed virtually in real-time!

Kia abides by its “Promise to Care” program, demonstrating its commitment to providing better quality and more convenience.

Manny Aligada, president of Kia Philippines, stated: “The Soluto held steady at the top with 39 percent of its total sales, followed by the K2500 with 17 percent. Despite being launched only in the last quarter of 2020, the Stonic achieved 200 unit sales in December alone en route to cornering 16 percent of the volume of total deliveries. Likewise, the Seltos, Sportage, Picanto, Sorento, and Carnival also contributed to total sales.”

These numbers have led Aligada’s growth projections for 2021 to hit not just double, but triple digits. With these projections, Kia has increased their inventory of parts and vehicles by five times. The company has also used the lull caused by the pandemic to increase the skills training and certification of its dealers.

As Aligada aptly put it, “These new challenges will always be there, but Kia Philippines will remain resilient and strong-willed. After all, our Power to Surprise springs from our drive to serve.” As a company dedicated to ensuring that driver enjoyment remains a top priority in the coming era of future mobility, there’s nowhere to go but up for Kia Philippines.

Are you ready to purchase your dream car? Book an appointment now by calling +63 (02) 8-639 4854 or +63 930 409 4638 / +63 955 600 9001. The Kia Cainta dealership is located at Celilu Industrial Compound, KM 17 Ortigas Avenue Extension, Santo Domingo, Cainta, Rizal. To learn more about the nearest Kia dealership in your area, and other deals and surprising offers, visit the Kia PH website at or send us a message on our Kia Cainta Facebook or Instagram pages.