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Lalamove delivers hope on its 4th Anniversary

Lalamove is now on its 4th year in the Philippines with the primal goal of making deliveries fast and easy through same-day delivery. This year, with the many challenges that Filipinos have been facing, Lalamove's goal is not just to deliver items, but also hope. In the midst of a pandemic, several strong typhoons also

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Lalamove launches LalaJeep in partnership with Quezon City LGU

Lalamove launched the Lalajeep, in partnership with the Quezon City local government, a one-of-kind vehicle aimed to cater to the residents’ delivery needs. It is part of the company’s COVID-19 relief efforts in helping displaced jeepney drivers due to the community quarantine. Business owners who rely on Lalamove heavily now have more affordable options as

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