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Maxus PH’s March Zero Cash Out Promo: Make the ‘Max’ of the new normal for your home and business

As society prepares for the easing of restrictions, there’s freedom to move about and engage in profitable ventures—reopening of businesses, resumption of travel plans, and of course being able to get together again to socialize. These activities are now made possible in the ‘new normal,’ so if you’re on the lookout for the perfect companion

Maxus Home Test Drive: Max safe and convenient for customers

Test driving a vehicle is an essential step before making that confident decision to purchase an automobile. However, present circumstances may make an actual visit to the car dealership difficult. That is why Maxus Philippines has now made the experience of test driving that Maxus vehicle you’ve been eyeing on much easier, safer, and more

Maxus V80 Flex adapts to the ‘new normal’ in logistics

Maxus Philippines addresses the recurring dilemma of how to practice social distancing inside automobiles with the V80 Flex van. Since the government implemented the enhanced community quarantine last March, companies are trying new ways of efficiently transporting goods, services, and personnel with the proper health and safety requirements. The V80 Flex has a cargo space

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