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Structural age, heavy loads among factors affecting the strength of Candaba Viaduct southbound—NLEX consultant

With the ongoing major safety upgrade of the Candaba Viaduct, AMH Philippines, the engineering consultant of NLEX Corporation, further highlights the urgency of the repairs and the need to restrict the weight of vehicles plying the southbound viaduct, citing aging and continuous heavy loads as among the factors affecting the current condition of the structure.

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NLEX holds Biyahero Road Safety Caravan for truckers

NLEX Corporation continues to intensify its road safety initiatives as it recently rolled out the NLEX Biyahero Road Safety Caravan in partnership with the Haulers and Truckers Association in the Watersouth (HATAW), one of the major trucker organizations in the country. NLEX Biyahero Road Safety Caravan aims to promote safety among HATAW member companies including

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NLEX reduces carbon footprint and plastic waste, strives for greater sustainability View Larger Image

In two years, NLEX Corporation has been able to reduce about 350,000 pieces of plastic waste, as it continues to implement various waste management initiatives in line with its sustainability program. The tollway company has also been successful in reducing its carbon footprint through the use of solar power panels and LED lights in its

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3,181 saplings planted at Harbor Link Interchange for ‘Greening the NLEX’ initiative

Deputy Speaker and Valenzuela City 2nd District Representative Eric M. Martinez, along with officials of NLEX Corporation and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) spearheaded the planting of 3,181 saplings at the Harbor Link Interchange. This project aims to contribute to cleaner air and healthier ecology along the expressway. Saplings of Bougainvillea, Igem Dagat,

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NLEX completes link slab upgrade of Candaba Viaduct southbound; northbound work starts July

The NLEX Corporation announced that link slab upgrade on the southbound portion of the Candaba Viaduct has been completed ahead of schedule, adding that it will also upgrade some of the priority link slabs at the northbound side this coming July 2021. Stretching five kilometers, the Candaba Viaduct is a vital structure that links Pampanga

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NLEX-SCTEX pavement repair program in full swing

Pavement maintenance works are underway at the NLEX-SCTEX as the Metro Pacific Tollways unit NLEX Corporation continues its regular program to keep the expressway network safe and in good condition. The ongoing maintenance aims to complete by June 2021 the asphalt overlay and patching works in 109,886-square meter section of the NLEX and 31,600-square meter

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NLEX undertakes maintenance and improvement works

Continuing its commitment to providing the highest quality of travel to all motorists, NLEX Corporation has started on enhancement works at NLEX-SCTEX including toll plaza repainting, pavement replacement and crack sealing, guardrail and fence repairs. The company also performed routine maintenance activities such as roadway sweeping, grass cutting, tree pruning, and oil spill and drainage

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