The second round of the 2021 Toyota GR GT Cup continues to bring the Waku-Doki spirit or the power of thrill to homes despite physical limitations.  Participants are relentless in their determination to be crowned as the fastest racer in the country dominating the virtual tracks.

The first round saw the racers zoom through the iconic Italian racetrack, now participants took on the Tokyo Expressway – East Outer Loop, a fictional circuit which appears in Gran Turismo Sport.

Who dominated the Tokyo Circuit?

The 17-under Junior Class was a neck-and-neck competition with Joshua David Marquez taking first place with 30 points, Round 1 winner Russel Cabrera came in second and John Paul Veloso finished in 3rd place.

In the Promotional Class, Jether Miole was already challenged by other racers but was able to maintain the lead throughout the first lap. The recurring s-curves proved to be a challenge but Miole owned it all as he closed the final lap with a wide gap victory finishing with a total of 50 points in the competition so far.

And finally, the Sporting Class – Defending champion Terence Lallave continues to pressure Luis Moreno who tried to keep the lead throughout the race. The suspense intensifies in the final laps with the long road stretches, but in the end, Luis Moreno dominates the race with Terrence Lallave coming in second. Overall, Moreno has 45 points, Lallave 42.5 points, and Lance Padilla 28 points.

Aspiring racers can still catch up in the upcoming third round which will be livestreamed on June 18 and 19, while the National Finals will be on June 26.

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