Automotive industry leader, Toyota Motor Philippines  Corporation (TMP) inaugurated Toyota Mobility Solutions Philippines, Inc. (TMSPH), a wholly owned subsidiary that will be a provider of mobility-related  services.

TMSPH ventures into the development and offering of a range of ‘new mobility solutions’ that will enhance Toyota as a brand that creates value for society through a service business  model. Along with automotive manufacturing and distribution businesses, TMP furthers its  effort to provide safety and comfort for Filipinos with TMSPH’s Vehicle Usership (VU) platforms,  available for individuals and the business sector. 

According to TMP president Atsuhiro Okamoto, this new venture will “better shape the  industry’s role in building our modern societies and enriching human lives.” “We will accelerate  the fulfillment of Toyota’s global mission to ‘Produce Happiness for All’ and vision to create  ‘Mobility for All,” he added. 

TMSPH president Ma. Cristina Fe Arevalo defined TMP’s concept of ‘new mobility’ as a  suite of technology and data-driven lifestyle and business solutions that can address day-to day challenges of moving people and goods from one point to another. “We envision TMSPH to  be at the center of the ‘new mobility’ ecosystem as an integrated, ‘one-stop’ mobility solutions  provider to help advance businesses and address local communities’ needs,” she explained. 

Arevalo highlighted that TMSPH will primarily support the operating efficiency and  growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises or MSMEs of various industries which are  vital in driving economic growth. 

TMSPH presented an initial pipeline of services which include fleet-connected service,  on-demand shuttle booking app, car sharing or rental, logistics matching service, and fleet  management service. Additionally, TMSPH will complement Toyota Financial Services  Philippines Corporation (TFSPH) in promoting and managing units under its full operating lease  product called KINTO.  

The first of its kind among Toyota affiliates in the Southeast Asian region, TMSPH is considered as a ‘New Mobility Dojo’ that is projected to modernize domestic mobility systems  and Internet of Things (IoT), potentially creating employment opportunities for technical but  customer-centric professionals.

Further strengthening core business 

Confident that the Philippines can rebound to the pre-pandemic momentum of  motorization, TMP says the automotive manufacturing remains the Company’s core business  and will continue to serve as a major driver of economic development. 

Toyota provides staunch support to local manufacturing, a backbone of the Philippine  economy, through a strategic network of vehicle and parts manufacturing industries, as well as  the export of automotive parts and components by local Toyota Group suppliers. 

“Our vision has always been to contribute to the Philippine economy and society through  our automotive manufacturing business,” TMP chairman Alfred V. Ty said. “As of the end of last  year, Toyota is happy to provide jobs for approximately 63,000 Filipinos at TMP, our dealers,  suppliers, and affiliates. We have also contributed $17.1 billion in terms of auto component  exports to our Toyota group worldwide since we started export operations in 1997.” 

At its manufacturing plant in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, TMP currently produces two (2)  models, the Innova and the Vios – a participating model with a PHP 5.58-billion investment  under the government’s Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy or CARS program.