Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will start operations of P4.5-billion Batangas Vehicle Logistics Hub this year.  TMP’s 32-hectare facility is located near Batangas Port, gateway to imported vehicles.

The logistics hub will house a Pre-delivery Inspection and Post Production Installation facility with a capacity 160,000 units per year, and a stockyard that can accommodate a at least 4,500 cars at a time. Similar to its Santa Rosa Vehicle Logistics Center, the new facility will have an 18-truck lane covered car carrier loading and unloading area.  This will ensure the safety and health of its team members, enabling them to operate in any weather condition.  And as a strong advocate of the environment, Toyota will keep 6 hectares of this property as our green area.

“TMP remains committed to supporting the goal of the government to stimulate the economy and to prepare for the eventual resumption of motorization in the country. The auto industry is a key driver of economic activity and an essential part of the drive to increase mobility.  At the heart of the Batangas Vehicle Logistics Hub is our promise of making ever better cars for our customers.  Preserving the quality of our vehicles, from production in various plants all over the world, to delivery dealers and customers, efficient logistics is necessary” expressed TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto.

The announcement was made amidst government announcements on safeguard duties on imported vehicles.  Toyota Motor Philippines is only one of two companies that sells both locally-made and imported vehicles.  TMP sold over 100,000 units last year, capturing 41% of the market.